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Saturday, August 28, 2010


So..yesterday was my first appointment. It was a gloomy rainy day…I went thinking I was going to get an exam and ultrasound..but that wasnt what the appointment was all about. I was wondering when I signed in why I didnt have any paperwork to fill out.
First we got called to the back to talk to the financial lady. She was very nice and filled out an application for me to get Family care insurance.
After we spoke to her we had to go to the 2nd floor of the hospital to talk to the nurse and give her our history. She was also very nice. She gave me an envelope FULL of stuff to read. And in it was this months issue of Fit Pregnancy! There was also information on the hospital/maternity ward.  And we found out that with the insurance i will be getting all of the classes offered at the hospital will be free!! She figured i was about 6 weeks along and my due date was April 20th. We answered a bunch of questions and she gave me a paper for bloodwork and an ultrasound.
We went back downstairs to where we came in to get the bloodwork. I was SUPER NERVOUS because i have had bad experiences getting blood taken. One time i passed out so i was totally scared to get my blood taken this time. There was an older nurse and i told her i was very scared. I made the mistake of looking at her pull out all of the viles she was going to be using. There were atleast 8 of them. So i asked her.. ” do u need to ill them up all the way?” yeah i was hoping she wouldnt need to fill them up too much. It took forever to find a vein. She finally did and she talked me through the whole time. Honestly the little prick in my arm DID NOT HURT. But i was so nervous that i started getting really hot and feeling faint. I kept asking if she was done yet and if i could have some water. She continued to talk to me and said i was doing great and that when we were done she would get me a nice cold cup of water. Finally it was over and i did a great job.. and didnt pass out!! Then came the dreadid urine sample. Ok, of course i had to pee.. but im telling you..its hard to pee in a cup! Why cant they put those things into the toilet t catch the pee and make my life so much easier then trying to squat and almost peeing on myself?? lol.
Then the appointment was over and we went home. Now the plan is to make an appointment for my first ultrasound for next tuesday (because the fiance is off) and i have an appointment for 9/1 to get a pap, breast exam, ect. Then comes the fun appointments!!

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