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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So i was up way too early thismorning. 7am. I am really enjoying my sleep lately and i get totally exhausted if i dont sleep late in the morning which means i usually have to nap!

29 weeks
i had an ob appointment today at 9am. after waiting almost an hour i was finally seen..lol
i have gained 1 lb. in the past 2 weeks which brings my grand total to..9 lbs! i can't believe i am in my 7th month and have only gained 9 pounds so far and some of that is baby!!
that was such a relief. my mom had gestational diabetes with me and my sister and now she has diabetes so i was scared that i would get it as well.
my bloodwork came back good except i have low iron. so all i need to do is take an iron pill everyday. not too bad
Giada's heartbeat was nice and fast and sounded great.
They said that hte pains i have been getting in my belly are normal and everything looks good.
I have another appointment in 2 more weeks andi am waiting for a call with an appoinment to see the high risk doctor since we havent been able to see Giada's spine in the right angle and because i started prozac so i need to get a level 2 ultrasound.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MENU PLAN MONDAY (on tuesday)

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Last week went ALMOST as planned with only a couple of changes. Monday we ended up going food shopping and stopping at mcdonalds for a quick dinner since it was getting late and i was craving it! Tuesday i made chili and it came out great.. it was a hit and i was quite proud of myself :) Wednesday i made homemade soup for the first time..cheesy potato broccolli soup.. it came out pretty good for my first time and i got to use my emersion(sp?) blender. i wanted sourdough baguette but the store had none so i settled for italian and toasted it up in the oven to dip in the soup. Thursday i made the hot dogs and kraut with beans-something simple. Friday we went to Oatback Steakhouse for date night and had a great meal. Saturday i ended up eating at my parents and on Sunday the people staying here for a bit cooked dinner so i didnt end up cooking.

Things are going to be a bit crazy meal wise for the next month or so.. with guests staying at my fiance's for awhile and we are in the process of cleaning my bedroom at my house so i can switch rooms with my sister since she doesnt live ther anymore and me and my fiance and the baby are going to be moving to my parents house (my house) in april befor Giada comes since his mom will be moving to Ohio. So i will be eating at my house more often as well as preparing meals there.
MONDAY- we ended up having shells and sauce with baked chicken at my parents house. i brought pasta over since thats what i had planned for Sunday

TUESDAY- frozen gnocchi with butter and cheese, brussel sprouts (im having a craving)

WEDNESDAY - no idea yet.. my fiance is off and we have stuff to do so we will probably get something simple

THURSDAY -burgers, fries, beans and mac salad at my house

FRIDAY- its my mommy and nephews bday and we are going to also celebrate my sisters bday as well since we all havent been able to get together..so Pizza Hut and cake at my parents house

SATURDAY- no idea yet again.. probably something simple. i need to go shopping because i am out of meat and dont want to live off pasta!

SUNDAY - its superbowl sunday. my fiance is probably working so i will spend the day at my parents house with my mom because my dad will be gone for the day. we are thinking of maybe some munchie food through the day and rachel rays honey lemon chicken in the crockpot for dinner?

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Friday, January 28, 2011


I go in for bloodwork and 1 hour glucose test.
Iate some cheerios with sliced banana for breakfast since i was allowed to eat something.. but i couldnt have my morning juice because im sure its too sugary.
I am going later this afternoon and i will let everyone know how it goes when i get home and i will have an updated baby bump pic as well to post!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



I made chili last night and it came out so good i wanted to share how i made it. It was easy and frugal!
1 lb ground beef
1/2 huge vidalia onion
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
packet of chili seasoning/mix
1 can diced tomatoes undrained
2 cans kidney beans undrained

First i put some vegetable oil into the skillet and cooked the onion until translucent.
I then transfered them into a big pot.
Next i cooked the peppers until they still had a slight crunch and added them to the pot
(of course u can cook both together but i felt more comfortable cooking them seperate)
Then i cooked the ground beef until it was cooked through and used a slotted spoon to drain it as i added it to the pot.
I put the diced tomatoes, kidney beans and chili mix in next
I squeezed a generous amount of ketchup in (because thats what  my mom does and it makes the chili more sweet. thats how i like my chili, i dont eat it spicy)
I stirred everything and just let it cook low for about a half an hour while i put some easy add water to dry mix biscuits into the oven.

I served the chili with some mild chedder cheese and a scoop of sour cream on the top.
It was yummy and we all loved it!

I decided to add an extra can of kidney beans instead of just 1 because i wanted to stretch the chili out a bit. it was enough to feed 3 and there are leftovers!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I was just in a forum and saw this question posted in "debate and discuss" and i was outraged. the person that had posted was stating how people dont approve of her husband (the father) bathing their 3 year old daughter. and people looking at it as sexual..disgusting..who would even think that way!

I for one have no problem with it and i think its great if the father is willing to help out by bathing the child .There is nothing wrong with it. and whoever thinks there is a problem has issues. its not at all sexual when it is your daughter! and the fact anyone would think that way disgusts me.
i do feel though that there will come a time when the dad or daughter start to feel uncomfortable and then of course it should stop.
like once they can bathe themselves and be alone in the shower (idk how old that even happens.)
but 3 years old? come on.. thats still baby age!
Who is supposed to bathe their daughter when the guy is a single dad? or mom isnt around?
How come no one sees it as a problem when a mom bathes her son?

Now for the questions:
What are your opinions on the father bathing their child?
What age do you think it should stop?


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