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Tuesday, August 31, 2010



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On 8/31 i had my first ultrasound. They had told me to drink A LOT of water prior to my visit. Well, we got there and i signed in and before i knew it we got called back. I was hoping my mom would make it on time and wouldnt miss anything..but she wasnt there yet. Well.. i get onto the table and i am told to pull my pants down. well my dumbass pulls them down to under my belly button. The tech was like no..down more i was like ohhh.. so here i am at only 7 weeks pregnant thinking that they are going to do the ultrasound on my stomache.. DUH!
So i get myself settled and the tech tries really hard and cant find anything.. well.. come to find out i didnt drink enough water! So she sent me with 2 cups of water back to the waiting area and called someone else in. Thankfully mommy was there by then so her and randy got to watch me try to choke down as much water as possible without throwing up.
20 minutes later i go back in for round 2.. thinking my bladder is full.. she put the warm goo on my tummy and started searching for baby for what seemed like forever. I am laying there almost in tears thinking something must be wrong because shes not saying ANYTHING. im like "is there a baby in there?" "is everything ok" "please tell me". and im bugging and shes just concentrating and finally she turned the sound on and i got to hear my baby's heartbeat<3 I instantly started to tear up:)
She couldnt get the pictures she needed to get since my bladder wasnt full enough so she decided to do an internal ultrasound.. (which wasnt that bad at all)
I finally got to pee and then she called in mommy and randy and we got going on the internal ultrasound. Seriously within seconds we could see the baby. It was the most amazing little thing ever. And she should us where the heart was. It was a tiny little dot moving super fast. And then all 3 of us got to hear the heartbeat and the tears started flowing. My mom was so cute talking to the ultrasound and i was so engrossed in looking at my babys first tv debut that i didnt even look up and see randys reaction!
Needless to say it was the most amazing undescribable experience ever.
At that moment i finally felt like i was pregnant. It felt so real to me. There is a tiny baby in me and the heart is already beating at 7 weeks<3

On 8/31 i was 7 weeks 
Gest Sac = 2.37 cm
Yolk Sac =  .26 cm


  1. What a marvelous moment. I'm glad your mother got there to share it with you. Can't wait to hear about more of your experiences. Be well momma.

  2. Awwwww!! That must have been so amazing <33