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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Yes.. i said sex.. if this might offend you please leave my page..

Since this blog is focused on my pregnancy i figured i would post about last night..
So..as you all know i am only 6 weeks pregnant going on 7
I have read and heard that sex was safe in pregnancy but i was still really scared about it..
I felt bad for denying my fiance itsince i found out i was pregnant but for some reason i was convinced it would lead to a miscarriage..
why? i have no idea..its my first pregnancy and i was scared it would make me bleed..
long story short..i was fine.. i did not bleed..and the baby is fine
afterwords my fiance decided to read to me the section in his book about sex during pregnancy..that made me feel alot better
needless to say..i COULD NOT relax so i ended up a bit sore.. but thankfully i have a great friend Heather thati could talk to about anything and i texted her and she said its normal to be sore..
Now i told him this wont be an all the time thing because i honestly havent been feeling good and i was starting to get nautious towards the end.. but atleast i know its safe and ok to do..