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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2nd Prenatal Appt. (9/29/10)

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So, i had my 2nd prenatal appointment on 9/29/10. I know i am a bit late writing this but i haven't gotten to it yet.

The first appointment i went to was just a pap smear and breast exam..so i was pretty excited about this one.

I went in and had to pee in a cup (this is totally going to get harder once i get bigger!) they need to check protein and sugar i think so i have to do that everytime.

Then after waiting forever i got to see the dr. i got my results for my pap test... not so good
atypical cells so i need to get another test done ..im not sure when.
but lets hope im ok and this doesnt affect the baby.

I talked to the doctor a bit about my nausea and how the reglan wasnt working very good anymore so she wrote me a script for zofran.

After that came the part i was looking forward too..
hearing baby's heartbeat<3

WELL... unsuccessful
she tried for what seemed like forever and just couldnt hear the heartbeat. I was getting very nervous and nearly in tears. she kept saying oh its normal sometimes to not hear it yet on the doppler.. but me being a first time mom totally freaked out
especially because i had heard the babys heartbeat at 7 weeks a month earlier
so she gave me a script to get an ultrasound
we thought id end up getting an appointment for tomorrow but one of the other nurses went to the other room and called across the street to the hospital and they were able to get me in right away for an ultrasound.
I drank a crapload of water on the short ride over there and got seen fairly quickly

Got onto the table and the tech put the magic wand on my belly and bam there was baby..
turned up the sound and i heard the heartbeat
what a relief
176 bmp
i couldnt believe how big he/she got since my first ultrasound at 7 weeks
baby was swimming so fast in there too
the tech actually put the wand on me and held it still and i could see baby swim back and forth
it was amazing
im so glad that baby is ok
hopefully the doppler works when i go back later this month!!!

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  1. So it's just an old wives tale about that hi of heartbeat could mean girl :)

    I'm so excited for you and that I found you in the beginning of your pregnancy! Being pregnant is going to be so much fun, you're def going to be "over it" at some point but let me tell you, your going to miss being pregnant when it's all said and done. Especially when they're 8 months old and destroying everything in their path already! Sometimes I'm like hey Mason I love you but can you go back IN my tummy!?