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Monday, September 20, 2010


I thought i would write a quick post about last night..
To start, the past few days have been extremely hard for me and i havent felt so good
My parents were making sausage and peppers and fresh green beans with garlic for dinner as per my request.
i waited ALL DAY for dinner and couldnt wait to eat.
Mommy made me a nice small plate of food and i managed to eat a piece of sandwhich and my green beans and a few minutes later i just couldnt eat. I felt sick again. It wasnt the food it was just my weird ass appetite. The food was great and i literally was about in tears because i wanted to eat my dinner and i just couldnt. This also happened a couple of days ago with my leftover chinese.. i wanted it so bad and once i heated it up i was like nope cant eat it..


  1. (Newest follower returning the favor from FMBT)
    YUCK! I remember my pregnancy. About a week before I realized I was pregnant I can recall eating an entire BIG bag of cool ranch Doritos. I kept saying how this bag was the best tasting bag I had ever had.

    Moving into my pregnancy - this was when Crest came out with vanilla flavored toothpaste. I was fine with it one day - and the next BUEH. I refused to brush my teeth until my husband bought different toothpaste! LOL

    Hmm, now I am on a roll with my memories...
    I also remember we had neighbors (I lived in an apartment at the time) who would literally make homemade salsa at 7am. All I could smell was garlic through the vents. Like a psycho I started yelling through the vents at them. My husband claimed he smelled nothing.

    And finally - I could smell human urine from miles away. It would literally make me sick. You can only imagine how that impacted everything I did! LOL

    Best of luck! And remember - one day you can laugh at all of it!

  2. I remember when I was pregnant I couldn't keep anything down. The whole entire pregnancy. I craved butterfingers a lot. They don't have the same impact coming up either. Hopefully your appetite evens out.

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