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Monday, September 20, 2010


So i was at Walmart with my mom on saturday night. We needed to get me some bigger panties-(lol yup mine are uncomfortable now) and some bras and a couple outfits since my clothes are starting to get uncomfortable and im not big enough for maternity clothes..
we are walking through the store talking laughing and enjoying ourselves until we hear a kid SCREAMING at the top of their lungs. Now honestly in all the years ive been going shopping i have NEVER heard a kid scream like this.. we thought it was a younger kid and wondering why wont that parent calm the kid down???
we end up by the produce section and see the kid and the mom and another kid
the "kid" that was screaming had to be ATLEAST 5 years old. she didnt want to be in the cart and what looked like maybe the younger sister was like "please make her stop crying".
The mom bends down and is sweet talking her "want a cookie? ect" and she still wouldnt stop. this kid had been already screaming atleast 20 minutes
now. I for one would probably left my cart and walked the hell out of the stre as a respect for everyone because fgor whatever reason i dont know how to control my kid.
It wasnt like it was a small baby and the poor mom needed to get some milk and bread. this was an older child that understands what her mom is saying.
Needless to say i was about to cry in fear that this is what my baby is going to be lie and i wont be able to control him/her.
I myself at this point (to get done shopping) probably would have bribed the child with something. 
"if you stop crying mommy will get you a lollipop..but you need to behave til checkout"
Other parents believe that the kid should get a swift swat on their hiney.
I dont believe in SPANKING my child but i sure as hell got some swats back in the day and they worked.

I'm curious..
If your child was totally bugging out 
(and wasn't like under 3 years old...) 


  1. My kids now 11,8 and 7,NEVER did that unless they needed a bottle of milk. even then they would calm down.My kids to this day know that the store is for shopping. If they want to cry, we can go home. We have left MANY a store abruptly because they were gettingf out of hand!!!!!!!! But they behave. Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i always walk out of the store when my 6 year old is acting up but my husabnd seems to think its ok for her to cry and yell etc in the store and have everyone look at us, i am always thinking the manger is going to ask us to leave

  3. I guess it depends on the situation of the child. I work with kids with disabilities (autism, emotional disturbance, etc.) and I've heard story after story from those parents about how grocery shopping or any public outing is a nightmare, especially when the kids are older because people just think they are bad parents who can't control their bad kids. One mom told me that someone called the police on her because she was trying to deal with her son who had autism and she had to actually have them call the doctor to verify.

    I'm not saying that was the situation with this particular parent, but you never know....
    Not saying that was the situation

  4. i could totally understand if the child had autism,a disability ect. but this was NOT the case and i knew of the mother. it was just a child who didnt want to sit in a cart and a parent who didnt know how to control her screaming child. i would never and have never gotten frustrated or mad when ive seen children with disabilities act up

  5. I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old. My kids know what we do at the store and how to act. They know if they are good through the store, I will get them a snack or something. If this would of happen, I would have gotten my kids and left and come back another time. It is very annoying when you are shopping and all you hear is a screaming kid. If you start them young they will behave like you want them to. You just have to let them know you are boss lol. You will be a great mom! Don't let other parents discourage you!

  6. I do my best to make sure any shopping we do is strategically done around nap times, so our meltdowns are rare. When it has happened though, we're out the door. If I have a cartful, my DH will usually either pay or go out to the car and our day is over. There's no reason to stay with an upset kid in a public place! :(