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Monday, January 24, 2011


so last week i had planned to make rice and beans and use taco mix instead of the goya packets that are normally used.
well.. i THOUGHT i had a packet of taco mix in the pantry.. i didnt
LESSON LEARNED: stock up on taco mix in case of emergencies!!!
i was all upset that i couldnt make what i wanted for dinner and i decided maybe ill just make porkchops.. i didnt like how they smelled (figures) so they went right in the trash.
what to do? what to do?
so i go into the pantry...start searching around...
*angels singing here*
i found Knorr Mexican Rice!! PERFECT!
problem solved...
so i ended up cooking the rice as directed and in the last 7 minutes when it was simmering i threw in a can of kidney beans to heat up in the pot with the rice. i opened a can of corn and put that in the microwave for a couple minutes. i heated up a tortilla for 15 seconds and then put the rice and beans, some shredded cheese, sour cream and salsa and made a burrito. i served the corn on the side.
it came out great. my fiance loved it and i had the leftovers for lunch the next day in a bowl.
i was so excited i was able to throw together such a quick dinner that didnt cost much and i had everything in the pantry. it is definatly worth stocking up on canned veggies and beans when they are on sale as well as some rice mixes and pasta mixes.

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