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Monday, January 24, 2011


i have been slacking and shouldn't be. i didnt get a chance to write about my last ob appointment but i will do my best to keep up from now on.
we went on wednesday the 19th for my appt. we got there and there was a ton of people in the waiting room. we ended up having to wait for 1 1/2 hours!! usually i am in and out of there. but due to snow the week before i guess they were overbooked. also the clinic i go to is only open on wednesdays so they have to try to squeeze everyone in.
i gained: 2 pounds
only 2 pounds! i have no clue how im not really gaining much. i am eating!!
my blood pressure was ok, only a little higher then usual but nothing to be concerned about.
checked her heartbeat which was good- i still love hearing her heartbeat. we have to record it next time:)
and i was told that i need to go in for routine bloodwork and the dreaded 1 hour glocuse test. my fiance is off on friday so we will go that day.
and next week starts my every 2 weeks appointments.. means its getting closer and closer to baby time!

so i had left smiling after knowing Giada is doing well and after talking to the social worker about some things. then as my fiance was backing out of our parking spot.. DING!!!! some guy decided to pull out at the same time and not pay attention and hit the back /side of the car. randy got out of the car and started yelling at the guy. the guy admitted that he "didnt see us". mind you this was in a parking lot with tons of PREGNANT WOMEN!!! thankfully it wasnt that hard of a bump and there was no dents or anything but it still scared me and i was scared for the baby. but when i felt her move again i knew everything was ok. some people are so careless!


  1. Oh I hated the glucose test! That drink is SOOO nasty! People are definitely careless! Glad y'all are okay!

  2. That glucose test was the worst part ever. I had the orange kind and I heard that isn't the worse flavor. The cola flavor from what I am told is the worst. But sorta tasted to me like I was drinking orange sugar.

    Glad everybody is okay and it wasn't much worse. Some people really should learn how to pay more attention.

  3. I have learned with both my kids to drink the orange one if you have the choice. It is so much better than the other ones.