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Saturday, January 1, 2011

ITS A.....


i scheduled my 20 week ultrasound a few weeks ago. when we got there and i went to register i had the wrong paperwork! i didnt have the pink sheet of paper with an x by the ultrasound. so they wouldnt take me. so there i was..bladder full, nearly peeing myself and crying to the lady because i had my hopes up and couldnt wait to get my ultrasound done and didnt want to reschedule. well..she called maternity and no one was there to write the script and clinic is closed on fridays. so i was S.O.L. so my fiance cursed at her and i left hysterical!

then i finally got to reschedule my ultrasound maybe a week or 2 later. well.. the day before my appointment i woke up and had some bleeding (it was sex related). so i called the nurse and the doctor called me back and wanted me to come in so he could check me and the baby even though the bleeding had stopped. they decided to do the ultrasound while we were there instead of coming back the next day to get the gender ultrasound. well.l. everything turned out to be ok with baby.. BUT.. the baby had its legs crossed! so after an hour worth of an ultrasound and nearly peeing the table.. we didnt get to find out what baby was!

i go to my normal monthly ob appoinment on december 22nd and i tell my doctor that they couldnt find out what baby was cuz its legs were crossed.. she looked at my paperwork and told me that they didnt see the babys spine so i would have to go in and get another ultrasound. i was so excited that i would be able to get another one. i wasnt sure when or if they would do another one before baby was born and i totally was not into not knowing and getting gender nuetral stuff.. NO WAY!

DECEMBER 31, 2010
ultrasound appointment at 8am.. i drank as much water as i could , ate a piece of cherry pudding cake and drank some sunny d as suggested by quite a few people because orange juice apparantly makes the baby move! we got there on time and i was able to register and had the right paperwork this time. we had to wait for a little while but in that time the baby really started to kick me. so my fiance and his mom were able to feel the baby kick for the first time. now i cant wait for my mom to feel the baby kick!! we went into the room and the tech let my fiance and his mom come right in because she was really only looking for a picture of the spine. WELL.. that was unsuccessful. the baby was on its back the last time and this time we could see the spine but not the right angle she wanted to see it.BUT.. my fiance had asked if she could tell what the baby is when we first started..lol..so she said she had to look for what i was there for and then she would check. she randomly said out of nowhere...
IT'S A GIRL!!!!!
needless to say.. i cried. and cried and cried. my fiance was so excited and so was his mom. we got our baby girl. i wanted a healthy baby and would have been happy with a boy but we had a feeling from the beginning that it was a girl. and everyone i came in contact with said i was having a girl! so i had a feeling and had my hopes up. so i am very happy.

Here are some pictures of our little girl - Giada Michelle :)
her profile(face), belly and an arm or leg?

her thigh, leg and foot- looks like a frog leg. i love it!

and her thighs and lady parts


  1. Wow! Congratulations!

    I'm on a blog hop and stopped by to say hi, I'm your newest follower.

    The best to you in 2011!

    Take care,


  2. How exciting!!!! I rememebr crying when I didnt get the last untrasound I had wanted.

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations!! So, so happy for you!!! :)

    Many hugs!
    Camille from babypickel.com