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Thursday, January 13, 2011

MENU PLAN MONDAY (on tuesday)-REVISED on thursday!

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TUESDAY: hot open turkey sandwhiches, instant mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce

WEDNESDAY: stuffed french toast , bacon
we went out for the day and my fiance's mom treated us to a late lunch at Pizza Hut so i decided not to cook a big dinner. they had leftover pizza and i ended up having a yogurt

THURSDAY: kelbasa with potatoes and onions, green beans

FRIDAY: had subway with a gift card we had i was sick couldnt cook-moved sloppy joes to another day

SATURDAY: old fashioned homemade mac and cheese , stewed tomatoes , peas this will be made next week
sloppy joes , ranch potato fries

SUNDAY: crockpot chicken cacciatore (from ALL YOU magazine), angel hair pasta, garlic toast

I didnt have to change much to the weeks menu. we had a late lunch on wednesday so i didnt make the stuffed french toast and bacon so that will probably be made for breakfast this weekend. i was going to make sloppy joes on thursday but my fiance wont be home for dinner and the fries probably wont heat up good so thats moved to friday. then i moved the mac and cheese to saturday.

my menu is posted at: Menu Plan Monday @ Orgjunkie.com


  1. Sounds delish! Have you thought about updating the blog with new baby bump pics? I notice you used to do it but then you stopped.

  2. im going too. i actually have a few more weeks i need to post. i posted all those other ones on 1 day and just put the date the pic was taken. lol. ive been slacking. im hoping to catch up soon