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Saturday, January 15, 2011

SICK - for the 3rd time

I was hoping to get this blog caught up with my baby bump pics and to actually stick to my menu plan..
i came down with a horrible cough- for the THIRD time since i got pregnant and i am only 26 weeks!
i have been up all night coughing and sleeping in 2 hour increments. i know most will say to get used to it because the baby will keep you up.
i am aware of that..lol..but i would LOVE to be able to sleep UNTIL she gets here! but since i keep getting sick and am starting to get insomnia again it makes it alot harder for me to do.
i couldnt call the clinic because they were closed so i called maternity. the ob called me back (which i havent even met or seen yet) and didnt seem like there was much concern. so he called me in a zpack and that was that.
i didnt feel comfortable not being seen before getting a perscription so i finally gave in and went to the ER. mainly because my primary doctor wont treat me pregnant and the clinic was closed (where i go for my ob appointments) and due to my insurance i cant go to a walk in medical place either so the ER is my only option.
my blood pressure was a bit high but my oxygen was ok. im not sure if i had a temp because they didnt tell me . i got seen pretty much right away in the other area of the hospital- urgent care i believe. no one was there at all which was nice. the lady just checked my nose and throat and told me to take the zpack i was told to take.
they couldnt do an xray since im pregnant and i was shocked they didnt even do a throat culture.
needless to say..i am very sick and miserable. i was up all night coughing and barely slept at all. i just hope this goes away soon so i can enjoy the end of my pregnancy!!!

EDIT: i forgot to mention.. oh how fun it is to practically pee myself numerous times a day while coughing..love it! LOL

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