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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I was just in a forum and saw this question posted in "debate and discuss" and i was outraged. the person that had posted was stating how people dont approve of her husband (the father) bathing their 3 year old daughter. and people looking at it as sexual..disgusting..who would even think that way!

I for one have no problem with it and i think its great if the father is willing to help out by bathing the child .There is nothing wrong with it. and whoever thinks there is a problem has issues. its not at all sexual when it is your daughter! and the fact anyone would think that way disgusts me.
i do feel though that there will come a time when the dad or daughter start to feel uncomfortable and then of course it should stop.
like once they can bathe themselves and be alone in the shower (idk how old that even happens.)
but 3 years old? come on.. thats still baby age!
Who is supposed to bathe their daughter when the guy is a single dad? or mom isnt around?
How come no one sees it as a problem when a mom bathes her son?

Now for the questions:
What are your opinions on the father bathing their child?
What age do you think it should stop?


  1. That's just silly.
    I think the child is old enough to not have any help. it could stop. When the child is old enough to be embarrassed by things like that she should be old enough to bathe by herself.
    You know the age when they stop taking off their clothes in public.

  2. I'm all for a dad bathing his daughter. Mom's have so much stuff to do (more so if they're stay at home mothers) and sometimes bath time is really the only bonding time a father gets with his kids. I think the age that it should stop varies by child and the situation. Some kids are mature enought to bathe with only supervision instead of help by 3. Some children need help until they're 5-6. It all depends. As long as bith parents and the child are comfortable with it, I don't see it as a problem.

  3. That is just crazy. I think a dad wanting to help out with their child is wonderful. It is taking care of their hygiene. Personally if a single dad can do it, then why shouldn't a dad that is married be able to.

    I think if the child was older than 3 it might be creepy to help. Once the child is old enough to bath themselves it is fine to be in there too keep an eye on them to make sure nothing happens. Especially since the bath tub can be very dangerous. Then when they are old enough like 5 or 6 not sure then they probably don't need supervision any more.

  4. My kids father gives them a bath. I have no problem with it. My son is 5 and he just recently started doing it by himself, but he does my daughter who is two and has given them baths since they were a couple months old.

  5. Hi there. I found your blog from another blog and this post caught my attention. My mama was a working lady and so was my dad. When he had off time and no one could baby sit me, of COURSE he had to give me a bath. When my mother passed on when I was 2, I still needed baths and such. Although we had a team of people in our lives, daddy gave me a lot of baths and as my parent is was nothing sexualized. We bonded because he was a caring parent and a loving provider. And obviously, kids need to get bathed to avoid being unhygienic.

    Now after a point, he let me do my own bath thing. I was smart enough to do that. Of course, my aunts didn't believe me and would scrub the dickens outta my hiney whenever I'd visit. O_o Indeed, that's kinda silly to me. Dads are parents too.