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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So i was up way too early thismorning. 7am. I am really enjoying my sleep lately and i get totally exhausted if i dont sleep late in the morning which means i usually have to nap!

29 weeks
i had an ob appointment today at 9am. after waiting almost an hour i was finally seen..lol
i have gained 1 lb. in the past 2 weeks which brings my grand total to..9 lbs! i can't believe i am in my 7th month and have only gained 9 pounds so far and some of that is baby!!
that was such a relief. my mom had gestational diabetes with me and my sister and now she has diabetes so i was scared that i would get it as well.
my bloodwork came back good except i have low iron. so all i need to do is take an iron pill everyday. not too bad
Giada's heartbeat was nice and fast and sounded great.
They said that hte pains i have been getting in my belly are normal and everything looks good.
I have another appointment in 2 more weeks andi am waiting for a call with an appoinment to see the high risk doctor since we havent been able to see Giada's spine in the right angle and because i started prozac so i need to get a level 2 ultrasound.


  1. Hooray for passing!! I was wondering what your glucose test was for, lol. Wow! It's great that you've only gained 9lbs! How did you do it??!

  2. i have no clue..lol..part of it may have been because i was so sick and had to pretty much force my self to eat something and i finally got an appetite at about 6 months!

  3. I hated those iron pills. Hate them more than I have ever hated anything. They made me so sick. Hopefully they don't have the same effect on you.

    I only gained 10 lbs with Shaun. Low Fluids. After I gave birth and they made me get on the scale I weight 15 lbs less than I was before I was pregnant. I blame being sick from those stupid iron pills.

  4. YAY on passing that test ^_^
    I'm expecting my first little girl also (: