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Monday, January 24, 2011


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Unfortunatly.. last week did not go as planned. But i am going to try to stick to this week. and honestly i really need to stick to this weeks menu plan because its the end of the month and i dont have much money. so i am using a lot from the pantry again and only need to pick up a few staples along with milk and maybe bread.
Here is my plan for this week:

MONDAY: no idea - my fiance is off work and i found $10 in my purse so if we can get his car started or use his moms car we will probably go somewhere and get a cheap dinner.

TUESDAY: chili , chedder bisquits

WEDNESDAYcheesy broccoli potato soup , sourdough baguette

THURSDAY: hot dogs, kraut, baked beans

FRIDAY: date night!! we are going to Outback steakhouse. we got money from my parents for a night out for christmas so i am using that money for a much needed night out.

SATURDAY:blueberry pancakes, bacon OR sausage links

SUNDAY: breaded baked zuchinni, pasta with red sauce, garlic toast

DESSERTS: pb&j cookies , lemon cake with lemon icing

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